Volt gauge hook up How to Install a Car Volt Amp Gauge

Volt gauge hook up

Start your engine and check your connections for hot spots with a multimeter.

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I have a set of the three gauges to try install tonight. Park your vehicle and apply the parking brake. Make sure that all of the connections are in the right place and make sure that the wires are not corroded Do not connect the ammeter or voltmeter across the battery.

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If you hook it to IGN it would read a little lower due to coil draw while cranking too, but it's better that not knowing anything. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. These gauges can be mounted in-dash or in Auto Meter mounting solutions panels, cups, pods, etc.

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Use wire crimpers and a soldering gun. If your vehicle has a factory alternator in the vehicle, then I recommend putting in an alternator that can put out 60 amps more than the factory settings.

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Terminal lugs must be BOTH crimped and soldered to wire; star lockwashers must be used on both sides of terminal lugs. Purchase of additional fittings such as metric or hose adapters may be required. Yes, it needs to be switched not constant. Lay out the black ground wire between the gauge and a good ground under the dashboard--a metal surface from the dashboard or an existing bracket.

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If so, what volt gauge hook up fuse should I use? Using 18 gage wire, route one length through firewall.


I will post a pic of it: If not, or if remote relocation of sender is required, a ground connection to sender "body" may need to be made. My steering wheels is crooked.

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Locate a bolt tightened into a panel. Points to HEI conversion; wiring issue??