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Unfortunately the bookkeeping records of the Korean Era manufacturers were not as meticulously maintained, denying the M1 collector the ability to pinpoint the exact month of their Post W. However was common for wartime shells to be used in Korea and even Vietnam, either with a cover or sprayed with sand textured OD3 paint over the cork.

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Winchester and Springfield M1s have an overlapping serial number range that runs from Winchester serial 1, through serial 1,xxx, giving approximately 30, duplicate numbers in this range. I wanted to start this thread to try and help other members here at HWMF research and date where possible their own particular M1's.

I will be back to this one. All of this supports the January date for the serial number range m1 dating. From to latethe seam met in the front center edge of the steel helmet. Its shape was also to be a good retainer for many things liquid. The duplicate numbers were lined out and the substitute numbers electro-penciled under the original.

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A little over 33 million were produced. Below we can see a good example of the two different colours used. Of course, another clue would be to check the fits and accuracy of the m1 dating.

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There are also some slight differences in the paint cork texture of the two models. On the right, a front seamed helmet refurbished to s specifications with lighter paint and fine sand aggregate and metal clamped chin straps.

Hopefully I can come up with a reasonable quick reference point of most things M1 rather than what can feel like a mind numbing search of endless webpages on the subject.

Now you should be able to understand at a glance what kind of helmet you are observing, at least if it is a WW2 era M1 or later. Schlueter left, McCord right: Nevertheless there are always other aspects to pick up on when trying to date the M1 which with a little work and patience usually pays off.

Please post some pics if you can.

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Hawley liners had the words 'Liner Fiber M-1' marked inside. M1 Liner Manufacturers A unique feature of the M1 was its suspended liner m1 dating. No wonder it has such a classic look! I like the crushed cork texture on it, though.

I have a helmet stamped MWA 16 and was wondering what that denoted. Mid war helmets were fitted with blackend steel buckle with simplified design. From to latethese loops were welded directly to the left and right side of the helmet.

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Sand textured smoother finish on later post war m1 datings along with new OD shade. The M1 went back into production - These "end of the month" delivery dates are approximate and are the result of the efforts of Scott Duff, noted M1 expert and author.

To be considered a WWII helmet, the helmet in question must possess all original manufacturing techniques and parts dating from the first approved production models in to the last WWII specifications in The Schlueter also being slightly slimmer in shape compared to the McCord. For additional information, contact: IHC receivers produced by SA.

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Ina decision was made to phase out olive drab number three in favor of olive drab number seven, or dark olive drab. This would change to OD 7 a little later in the war: