Dating someone 2 years older Is it okay to date someone 2 years older than you?

Dating someone 2 years older, help me please


Nobody is stopping you and you have every right as a human being. He rubs your head when it hurts or your feet when they're sore.

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He gives you advice that you didn't know you needed that makes you reconsider how you deal with your own difficult situations. Originally Posted by larrel1 I dated a girl who was a couple years older than me, she was totally cool with it, i just depends on your maturity levels, you know? We do go to the same school, so its not like I wouldn't be able to see him, and he is my neighbor.

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He has a career, home, car, finances-- many responsibilities under his belt. I liked a guy who was way too old for me once. In fact, this is something I had to deal with in the last week which yeah, has lead to some unnecessary temptation and heartache.

Initially, it can be very uncomfortable. He's been around a while and he knows what he wants in the relationship.

2. He knows what he wants.

Related Questions Is it okay for a 21 year old man 2 date a 50 year old gal? Originally Posted by snakewhisperer28 no there is nothing wrong with that. Stop comparing your situation to other people's. My guess is you guys will be fine.

Two years wouldn't dating someone 2 years older if you were older. By registering an account you will be able to enjoy unlimited access to our site, and will be able to: Posted by Equine99 on August 7, at Nobody else should be able to influence the choices you make!

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Also we are both in 11th grade. Log in Register Forgotten password.

“Is It Okay That He’s Older Than I Am?”

You'll see what I'm talking about later if you don't now. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Take your age, and divide by two, then add 7.

You're looking for someone to spend your life with.

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I have a huge crush on two of my best friends and they like each other,one is two years older than me while the other is one year older than me. Most to Least Replies: