Dating rogers dynasonic snare drum Rogers Dyna-Sonic serial numbers

Dating rogers dynasonic snare drum

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Not easy to dating rogers dynasonic snare drum those drums as the serials tend to be all over the place. I was fortunate enough to obtain this drum from a good friend of mine at the Chicago Vintage Show. A Holiday was a top of the line model, while a Spotlite was a low-end single-tension student model drum.

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Rogers drums in this finish are rare, and this is the only wood dyna I have ever encountered in this finish. All of those were Holiday drums until when the model name was changed to Powertone to match the snares and sound more modern. It seems I won't be loosing anything in terms of sound quality if I buy a Big R dynasonic.

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Good schtuff being gathered here see teaser pic. I am thinking of buying one but on ebay there is a material price difference between a Cleveland era dyna versus a late 70s dyna.

It came to be over 10 years ago in an attempt to organize some known facts, and both Kelly Smith and Rob Cook are to be commended for their efforts - but a lot more has been uncovered since then. Reference Books and Catalogs. In addition, we have the matching kit which includes 2 8x12 toms, a 14x14 FT and a 14x20 bass drum. Yamaha Zilco Zildjian Cymbal.

There are a variety of pages dedicated to Rogers drums and if you can't find the information you require then you can visit the Vintage Drum Forum and dating rogers dynasonic snare drum our resident Rogers Expert TommyP.

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However, a drum is not going to sound exactly like a drum. If you decide to go with an oval badge drum, you might pay a little more I finally found a 6.

And, Spotlight was also the name of a layout which used Spotlight drums, confusing matters more. All times are GMT For those who have an in-depth knowledge of all this, the chart is of some use. Find all posts by RadialProMan.

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Find all posts by The Ploughman. Rogers dynasonic snare drum Thanks John P for your response. Find all posts by JohnPloughman.

Wine Red Ripple Dynasonic, Serial Switch to Threaded Mode. Drums continued to be built to the end in This is the Cleveland Paper Tag period. As always, we are learning and researching and adding new items to this web site.

For example, a Londoner had a bass, 2 ride toms, and a floor tom. I've never tried to contact his wife, feeling it was inappropriate in the midst of her loss. I'll try to upload it, I got it from, I believe, the Rogers forum.

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These drums pre-date the use of an external badge. Rogers Drums are considered the best made drums in the 60's with the best quality control of any of the drum manufactureres of the time.

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Send a private message to RadialProMan. The time now is The Rogers Drum Experts have an extensive collection of Rogers snare drums and Rogers drum set catalog scans. There are numerous variations in lug weight, build changes, throw off design, hoop variations, hoop design changes, but over all