Biblical boundaries in dating How Far Is Too Far Sexually?

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After that I felt new and revived.

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If this continue to happen more than 2 or 3 times, I would end it. First, answer these questions: Hi Megan, so glad you reached out!

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Still, the overwhelming majority of believers will only share that relationship with one person in their entire lives. I had always set my own boundary, but never discussed it with my boyfriend in high school, and sadly because of the lack of communication, I was able to allow myself to be easily swayed by him to go biblical boundary in dating farther than I had told myself I would go. The key is…what does God tell you is his plan for you in this area?

After we had messed up, I told him that we needed to set boundaries. That is my line; my boundary. The orthodox interpretation of the book suggests both that an actual sexual relationship is part of what the narrative relays and a context at the time of the sexual part of the relationship of marriage.

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In my view, the problem with asking, "How far can we go? It might mean "run in the other direction. Let's explore that idea.

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As the questions above indicate, however, many single Christians have questions about whether premarital physical activity at some level beyond kissing is OK. Thank you very much.

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